Flip Flop Crafts

Before you start your flip flop crafts, you're going to have to buy some good comfortable flip flops. The thicker flip flops are the more comfortable ones. Your local craft store should have a number of good, fun, and interesting decorations to use to decorate and embellish your flip flops.

Supplies Needed For Flip Flop Craft

A pair of flip flops

Craft Glue or jewelry glue

A pair of scissors

Clothes pins

Embellishments such as jewels, ribbon, buttons, charms etc.

Let's get started!

Arrange your embellishments on the flip flops the way you like before gluing them on. This step is very important because once you glue your decorations on, there is no changing it.

For bigger decorations you may need to use a clothespin to hold them in place until they dry. It may take several hours or overnight for embellishments to adhere onto the flip flops. (Note: It is our experience that the really big and heavy jewels do not stay on after a couple of weeks)

If you want to use ribbon, cut several strips of ribbon in 5 inch strips. Then tie them with a single knot onto the sandal straps. Tie each one on and slide them up next to each other. Continue to do this until the strap is covered.

If you want to make a bow for your flip flops, take some ribbon of your choice, and cut it 8 to 10 inches long. Bring each end of the ribbon to the middle, overlap them and put 2 staples in the middle to hold the ribbon together. If you like, you can put a decoration (such as: jewels and buttons) to cover up the staples. Glue your bow onto your flip flops.

You can use glitter glue to make dots, flowers, squiggly lines, stars, hearts and more. Go to town and have fun with this flip flop craft. We feel that bling on your feet will make you feel good and look great!

Glue on embellishments

Use cloths pins while glue dries

Spread your things out so that you know what you have to work with.

It's easy to work on a couple of pairs at one time.

Embellish with colors that will match your wardrobe.

Make each pair different and wait for the compliments to come!

Some Finished Flip Flops!

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