Candy Bar Bouquets

Let us show you how easy it is to make candy bar bouquets! They do not cost much to make and can be made to celebrate just about any occasion.These beautiful creations are fun to make and even more fun to receive :) You can make a bouquet in less than an 30 minutes. In fact, you'll cut that time in half once you've made about 3 or 4 of these.

First off, pick a theme for the occasion that you are making one of these for: valentines day, a baby shower, a graduation, a color theme, a birthday, congratulations, a favorite kind of candy, an anniversary, a promotion, just because, I love you, Christmas, missing you, Easter, welcome home, not feeling well, or sick in the get the idea. Ideas and reasons to make and give one these away are only as endless as your imagination!

Supplies Needed For Candy Bar Bouquets:

A container



Styrofoam or a fun noodle


Tissue Paper


Bamboo sticks

A bow

Shredded colored paper (optional)

How To Make A Candy Bouquet

Tape a bamboo stick onto each piece of candy. If it is a large candy bar, then use two bamboo sticks. Set your candy to the side once it has a stick on it..

If you have a clear container, then pour some small candies into the base of your container. This will weigh down your container so that your finished arrangement is not top heavy. If your container is shallow, there is no need to add candy at this point.

Next, cut your Styrofoam or fun noodle to fit into the top 1/3 of your container. We want to cover up our Styrofoam or fun noodle. So, set your Styrofoam or fun noodle in the middle of your colored cellophane and put it into your container.

Start sticking your bamboo stick candy into your Styrofoam. Put the taller (or larger) candies in the back of your container. Then add candies to each side. Put your smaller (or shorter candies in the front. You may push the bamboo sticks deeper into your Styrofoam to change the height of your bouquet. Make sure that you balance the overall look of your bouquet by putting like size candy on each side. Don't be skimpy with the candy. Fill your container so that the candy is close together to fill your container.

Add a ribbon and a bow and you are done! If your using curling ribbon, just slide the blade of your scizzors along the ribbon to curl it. Tie the ribbon onto a stick and push it into your container. Place curled ribbon between your candy sticks. Add some shredded paper to cover the top any part of styrofoam that may be showing in your container.

There is only one problem with making candy bar bouquets. Once you make one and other people see them, they will be asking, if not begging, you to make them one! People will be telling you what their favorite candy bars are :) Just pick up candy bars, curling ribbon and tissue paper at your local dollar store and keep you eyes open for cute and inexpensive containers (and get creative with containers!) and you'll always be able to put one of these together in no time at all.

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